Rocky Mountain Goldworks: Custom Jewelry in Fort Collins, CO

Rocky Mountain Goldworks is in Fort Collins, CO. Tom Linenberger and his wife Sandy relocated the store from western Kansas in 2010.

Our showroom displays unique jewelry pieces made by our talented design team, as well as a few extraordinary jewelry lines created by others.

Our design-build-repair shop is fully equipped with the latest tools of our trade which let us delve into the smallest deatils to create really cool designs. Our philosophy is always to invest in the best.

At our design bar, you can sip something and relax as we dig into your design ideas. This area is H.Q. for all things custom, with state of the art equipment to fuel our creative process.

Next to the design bar is our casting area, which can accomodate groups numbering two to twenty. We try to make the casting experience as fun and memorable as possible. Our mission is to make sure whatever we add to the story of your jewelry piece is as positive as possible.

Stop in to browse or chat, or make a design appointment to discuss your ideas for a new piece of jewelry. See our design gallery for some featured pieces.

Our Team

Tom – Owner/Lead Designer

Hey there, I’m Tom Linenberger. I started working in my father’s jewelry store in 1982. In 1987, I completed the diamond grading and gem identification and grading courses at the Gemological Institute of America. Sandy, the kids, and I moved Goldworks to Fort Collins, CO in 2011.

Over the years, I have won multiple national jewelry design contests. In addition to that, I have also contributed writing pieces to national jewelry trade magazines. I am recognized as being one of the top jewelry designers in the country.

At Goldworks, We work on educating other jewelers on quality of workmanship and ethics to preserve, grow, and help define the future of custom jewelry.

Sandy – Owner

Hey, I’m Sandy! I’ve been involved in the jewelry business since 1989, just a couple years after Tom and I got married. I have studied the diamond and pearl courses through GIA.

It is my passion to be a friendly face to our lovely customers. I am in charge of the overall business operations and office needs. Fortunately, Tom and I have a wonderful team under us. This allows me to get back home a bit more and take time to do things with the kids.

I like to make sure I spend enough quality time with both of our families. We’d love you to stop by sometime and chat about your jewelry and give your pieces a quick check and clean up.


Hi, I’m Mark. I have been hooked on jewelry making since taking a metalsmithing/arts course in high school. I continued my studies at Michigan State University, and have been a professional jeweler since 1976.

It is so cool to work at Goldworks. I love that we are all pushing each other’s boundaries, both in terms of design and technique. The intersection of science and art is one of my favorite places to explore.

I am proud of our ability to work in and adapt to any design style, from vintage to more modern and contemporary looks. It is my great pleasure to make high quality custom jewelry that is as unique as our loyal customers.


Hi there! My name is Virginia and I am your only Fort Collins native here at Goldworks. I have loved jewelry for as long as I can remember, but my real passion for making jewelry grew after my first experience making beaded necklaces and wrapping wire.

A few classes in high school lead to studying Metalsmithing at CSU. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Textiles, as well as my Business Minor.

To learn everything I could about diamonds and colored gemstones, I moved to California and studied at the Gemological Institute of America. There I earned my Graduate Gemologist Certification.  


Howdy! My name is Jacob and I love breakfast tacos, beef fajitas, and Big Red…and maybe an occasional slice of pecan pie. Despite this, I’m a relatively fit guy.

My passion for jewelry was sparked in 2006, when a gentleman put a rather large diamond in the palm of my hand. The fire within it caught my eye and I haven’t been the same ever since! I quickly enrolled at the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris TX, and began my career in the jewelry industry.

Throughout my time at TIJT, I completed courses in CAD/CAM, Gemology, and received a Bench Jeweler Certification from Jewelers of America. I have worked in the industry as a professional since 2010. I am proud to be a part of the Goldworks family.


Hi, I’m AJ. My background is in sales and design. For me, one of the biggest parts of selling jewelry is helping people realize their dreams. I think it’s really cool to get people to share that dream with family and friends.

I’m not in the game to get the customer to buy the most expensive piece possible. I’m here because I’m interested in getting people the piece that fits perfectly into their story.

I joined the team because I saw Tom’s passion for telling stories with jewelry and have loved every minute of it.


Hi, I’m Tim and I’m our resident Flordia transplant. Jewelry design caught my interest because I was really into gemstones. I go to the Tuscan gem show with my mom almost every year and could spend hours looking at stones.

Currently I am working on my colored gemstone certificate from GIA. 

In my free time I love to hang out with my cat Billy, and go to cool inde rock concerts with my friends.


What’s up, I’m Peter! I’m a trained metals artist with a focus in precious metals, jewelry and gem setting. I studied at Boise State University and the Gemological Institute of America.

When I’m not at the bench, I enjoy backcountry skiing, backpacking and driving my 1971 Ford Bronco.

I love to travel and have lived all over the country, including stops in North Carolina, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, Alaska and Colorado.