About Fort Collins’ Premier Custom Jewelers:

Tom Linenberger

Owner/Master Goldsmith/Lead Designer

Hey there, I’m Tom Linenberger. I started working in my father’s jewelry store that was located in Garden City, KS in 1982. In 1987 I completed the diamonds, diamond grading, gem identification, and color stone grading courses at the Gemological Institute of America. I started the store in Garden City, but felt it was time to relocate. In 2011 Sandy, the kids, and I moved Goldworks to Fort Collins, CO. Over the years, I have won multiple national jewelry design contests in categories, such as best of show in design and fabrication. I have also contributed writing pieces to MJSA (a national jewelry trade magazine). MJSA and other publications have also been kind enough to feature our shop in various articles. I am recognized as being one of the top jewelry designers in the country, and belong to a group of nationally recognized jewelers. We work on educating other jewelers on quality of workmanship and ethics to preserve, grow, and help define the future of custom jewelry.

Sandy Linenberger

Owner/Operations Manager

Hey, I’m Sandy! I’ve been involved in the jewelry business since 1989, just a couple years after Tom and I got married. I have studied the diamond and pearl courses through GIA. I have done my best to help drive growth for Goldworks and be a friendly face to our lovely customers. I am passionate about making sure the business stays on the front of the jewelry industry curve, constantly updating our processes and tools so we can give our clients the best possible final product. I am in charge of the overall business operations and office needs, but fortunately Tom and I have a wonderful team under us, which allows me to get back home a bit more and take time to do things with the kids. I like to make sure I spend enough quality time with both of our families. We'd love you to stop by sometime and chat about your jewelry and give your pieces a quick check and clean up.

Mark Videan

Master Goldsmith and Designer

Hi, I'm Mark. I have been hooked on jewelry making since taking a metalsmithing/arts course in high school. I continued my studies at Michigan State University, and have been a professional jeweler since 1976. Tom, Sandy, and I have been friends since 2005, and co-workers since 2012. I love that at Goldworks, we are all pushing each other's boundaries, both in terms of design and technique. I enjoy exploring the intersection of science and art, using our CAD/CAM jewelry design software, laser engraver, laser welder, and other unique tools. I am proud of our ability to work in and adapt to any design style, from vintage to more modern and contemporary looks. It is my great pleasure to make high quality custom jewelry that is as unique as our loyal customers.

Virginia Clay G.G.

Goldsmith/Graduate Gemologist

Hi there! My name is Virginia and I am your only Fort Collins native here at Goldworks. I have loved jewelry for as long as I can remember, but my real passion for making jewelry grew after my first experience making beaded necklaces and wrapping wire. I was hooked. From there I took a few classes in high school and was fortunate enough to study in the Metalsmithing program at Colorado State. Five years later I had earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Textiles, as well as my Business Minor. Since one can never have too much education, I moved to California to learn everything I could about diamonds and colored gemstones at the Gemological Institute of America. I earned my Graduate Gemologist Certification, allowing me to evaluate and grade diamonds and identify and evaluate colored stones. Now it seems things have come full circle, as Tom and Sandy were crazy enough to hire this local girl to be part of the Goldworks family!

Jacob Walker


Howdy! My name is Jacob and I am a lover of many things. I could live on breakfast tacos, beef fajitas, and Big Red...and maybe an occasional slice of pecan pie. My passion for jewelry was sparked in 2006 when I met a gentleman selling diamonds out of a small shop in north Texas. After he put a rather large stone in the palm of my hand, the fire within it caught my eye and I haven't been the same ever since! Soon after, I enrolled at the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris TX, and began my career in the jewelry industry. Throughout my time at TIJT, I completed courses in CAD/CAM, Gemology, and received a Bench Jeweler Certification from Jewelers of America. I have worked in the industry as a professional since 2010 and I've tried my best to turn a few heads along the way. I believe that anything worth doing, is worth doing to the highest standards. That moment when a client first opens their brand new box and sets their eyes on something so special and meaningful to them, those are the moments I live for. I am proud to be a part of the Goldworks family.

AJ Hartman

Sales Associate/Office

Hi, I'm AJ. I have a background in marketing and sales, with a number of other useful skills such as web and graphic design. I have owned a few of my own businesses, including a game design company, and have worked for a couple different advertising agencies. I’ve been an integral part of several marketing teams for various local businesses. For me, one of the biggest parts of selling jewelry is helping people realize their dreams, and getting people to share that dream with family and friends. This includes everything from a magical engagement ring or wedding set to restoring the memories and sentimental pieces of loved ones long gone. I’m not in the game to get the customer to buy the most expensive piece possible; I’m here because I’m interested in getting people the piece that fits perfectly into their story. I joined the team because I saw Tom’s passion for telling stories with jewelry and have loved every minute of it. If you send us an email and want to get started on a custom piece, you'll probably be talking to me.