compwebWelcome to our first ever blog post!  We have a lot of great information, hilarious stories, epic jewelry feats, and industry knowledge that we are sure you will find interesting. A brief introduction, however, is a good place to start.

We are a family with fun, talented, experienced, creative, award-winning, generous, helpful, and just a bit quirky, employees.  Our fearless leader, Tom, has been making and designing jewelry for more than 30 years and has won multiple design competitions to validate all of his efforts.  Mark, Ryan, Jacob, AJ, Cali, and Virginia all contribute to the wonderfully entertaining atmosphere by bringing another 50 years of combined goldsmithing experience, a Graduate Gemologist certified by GIA, and amazing CAD design skills. We have an extensive knowledge of jewelry design, jewelry construction, epic 70’s rock bands, and, of course, a passion for helping you make the jewelry of your dreams.

Our store is nestled between two prominent bars (shout out to Lucky Joe’s and Yeti!) in Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO.  So obviously it goes without saying that we do not shy away from the occasional cocktail or craft beer.

This blog will cover everything from our amazing custom design process, gemstones and diamonds, repairs, funny and inspiring customer stories, metals, shop hilarities, odd incidences, advice, etc.  Like us on Facebook and Instagram and follow the link to our website for our weekly posts.  Step into our unique little world!